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Why art and medicine of all subjects?
Do these two fields find a common ground at all?

From purely seasoned translation work a passion gradually arose.

Art and medicine have been bound up with each other since the beginning of time.
The significance and development of medical art and medical science for humanity have
been reflected in all world cultures since prehistory, which is substantiated
by considerable artistical evidence: cave paintings, statues, sketches, documents
from the most remote regions: like prehistoric caves, Ancient Egypt, China, Crete
and Mycenae, Alexandria and the Pre-Colombian South America.
These all give evidence of remarkable and growing knowledge about
the most varying diseases and their cures.

To combine such subjects with my true vocation
"Working with text and language"
is a personal enrichment that challenges and satisfies me day-by-day.

Why art and medicine?
Photo:© Wiebe Post
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